Accommodation in Nosy Be: hotel, rental, camping, guest house. What to choose ?

Are you planning your trip to Nosy Be but do not know which type of accommodation to choose based on your budget and the number of people you are? From 4 € to 280 € / night, with more than 200 accommodation providers on Nosy Be, there is automatically what you are looking for, remains to define your needs, and, find! I propose some tips / advice

Different accommodation according to the type of trip

Hôtel floraly komba ambiance cool
vanila hotel nosy be hôtel de luxe

At first, whether you are planning your trip as a couple or family with your children / parents, the size of the room is not the same. Come to Nosy Be to discover or rest? In the second case, simple accommodation is sufficient, it is better to keep the budget for excursions, why not even fix your accommodation and do bivouac and / or hiking on more days 😉

You understand, only you can define these points, now see the advantages & disadvantages of each hosting solution

Hotels & tips

hotel heure bleue nosy be

The advantage to Nosy be, like any hotel in the world, many services are available: breakfast, swimming pool, restaurant, bar, spa, concierge service, these more or less numerous according to the number of stars

The weak point is a very “cold” vision of tourism. A management, employees, commissions, etc … So I recommend especially for international travelers (hotels are the only ones to have English speaking staff & other languages) and people wanting more to rest at the hotel.

Below are my favorite hotels according to the contexts:

Guest house & good plans

Domaine de florette

The advantage of a guest house Nosy be, you live in someone’s home. Thus they offer a minimum of hotel services (maintenance room – breakfast) without what I find the bad sides (I think especially the formality of hotel rigor, employees too sermonized, commissions negotiated with providers of activities)

The weak point if there is one is the lack of professional services, but in this case i just have to go back to the hotel category;)

Below my favorite guest houses according to the contexts:

Holiday rentals & good plans

Mahita tsara villa nosy be

The advantage of a vacation rental makes sense from the moment when autonomy is at the heart of your vision of tourism: D Want independence, to have your kitchen, to do your shopping, to know the locals and why not organize parties!

The weak point is to find activities, car rentals, good plans to be made by even on site. Fortunately for you, everything is found on this site;)

Below my favorite vacation rentals according to the context:

Camping & good plans

Gite akiba nosy komba

Properly speaking there is no campground in Nosy Be, however “Akiba” on Nosy Komba offers an alternative from 4 € / night that I invite you to discover if the theme interests you.

What are the best places to stay in Nosy Be?

Carte de nosy be

Ambatoloaka – Madirokely is the most lively area, so if it’s a good day to go for a day trip, this is the area I would recommend to families and people looking for peace.

Ambondrona is the next bay, just on the other side of the mountain.Thus a few minutes by car for excursions to Ambatoloaka but very quiet while having a nice beach, it is currently the bay that I recommend to all

Continuing on the same road you go beyond the village of Djamanjary, to Andilana the principle is the same, you are a little far from the excursions so you automatically need a vehicle to move, which is not a bad thing. the principle of autonomy, many villas are on this road

The north and the east coast are places to live only as part of a desire “end of the world” to get fresh ideas, unless of course that 1h drive to access what-is face part of your desires.

The tour of the island is almost done, I ended up Hell-city, capital of Nosy Be. No beach at this place, but the cheapest accommodation on the island is down there.

Rest on the Sakatia Islands Nosy Komba which offers each establishment on the spot

Should you book before leaving ?

carte vols vers nosy be madagascar

If it was not necessary in recent years, we must take into account that Nosy Be was accessible via 3 companies. Today 15 companies make this on Nosy Be, so yes I must book, especially that the establishments I am talking about are often small structures, so places go fast;)

How long in advance should you book ?

April – May & June, 1 month in advance is enough.

Outside this period, if you do not want to change x times of rooms / hotel during your stay, I invite you to book 2-3 months in advance

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