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nosy iranja

Nosy Iranja the enchantress

Nosy Iranja is located south-west of Nosy Be, beyond the Bay of Russians about 27 nautical miles or about 1h30 by boat. It can seem long, after an hour you will say “she has interest to be worth it” then 15 minutes later you will see it and say “yes, she looks nice, she was worth it to be the shot “and when the boat will dock you will say” yes anyway … I should take my luggage … ”

Nosy Tanikely

Nosy Tanikely the magnificent

Nosy Tanikely, the island among the islands … Magic, sensual and warm, its assets will not leave you indifferent … Between its white sand beaches, its lagoon, museum, visit of the lighthouse and its lemurs, fall under its charm is all natural 🙂

Hôtel floraly komba

Nosy Komba the wild

Nosy Komba, an island still preserved and can be known except by mixing with Nosy Tanikely. Yet it is an island that has more to offer with its lush vegetation, its hiking, its lemurs, its exceptional views, its fishing villages as its handicrafts.

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