Cool off in the swimming pool of a hotel in Nosy Be

Whether you enjoy a cheap hotel on Nosy Be or not, a moment in the pool is always nice, and if a cocktail is not far I’m sure you will not say no 😊

Pool north of Nosy be with Anjiamarango

hotel anjiamarango nosy be

If you have a free day, it’s an excursion to plan 😍 By scooter / Quad, go in the north of Nosy Be to discover the Anjiamarango, after 2 hours of journey, you arrive in an authentic lunch time that you can wait for a moment at the pool.

Pool north of Nosy Be with Home The Residence

Restaurant Home The Résidence nosy be

Less than the Anjiamarango, Home The Residence offers a restaurant with a seaside pool, if you are by car (forget by scooter) you can book the restaurant in the evening and enjoy their musical atmosphere

Pool in Ambaro with Vanila

Piscine vanila hotel nosy be
The Vanila offers 4 pools on Ambaro, the largest being next to the restaurant, you can access from the moment you consume

Pool in Ambondrona with Ylang

ylang hotel nosy be

A smaller pool but a much more friendly atmosphere, a nice place to spend lunch & afternoons. If you like to talk about boats, the owner builds his own on the spot and is now attacking a vineyard plantation;)

Madirokely Pool with "heure bleue"

hotel heure bleue nosy be

2 swimming pools available at the blue hour located in Madirokely. A beachfront reserved for hotel guests, a second available to external guests if they consume, be it a drink or a meal (the restaurant is worth a visit!)

hotel heure bleue madirokely nosy be

Swimming pool in Ambatoloaka with Sarimanoka

Hôtel sarimanoka nosy be

The pools are usually on the ground floor, with the Sarimanoka in Ambatoloaka no, restaurant downstairs and pool on the first floor with a very nice view

Pool in Hell-city with Ambonara Bungalow

bungalow ambonara nosy be

The only pool I know on Hell-city, in the same friendly atmosphere as the Ylang, if you have lunch you can access the pool

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