Nosy Sakatia, the mix of all the islands

Sakatia is located on the west coast of Nosy Be. Take the time to discover this island on foot, with its 6 km on 2 km, it’s not a journey that difficult, and between the charming fishing villages, coves and vast beaches, rice fields, paths dotted with creepers vanilla, coffee, lemon tree, orange chameleons, lemurs and others, you will spend a day of the most friendly!


Nosy Sakatia, the mix of all the islands

What to do in Sakatia?

Nosy Sakatia

In order not to miss anything, the best is to go through a guide, indeed only you will miss the most interesting points such as Mount Belvédère to admire the 360 ​​° landscape, discover the secret of the fire root , fadys, cemetery island, island hat and other interesting details.

For lovers of scuba diving, beautiful spots are to discover.

Where to sleep in Sakatia?

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