Villa Saka’Do

The Saka’Do Youth Hostel is located on the west coast of Nosy Be on the road to Andilana. An ideal place to discover the island while meeting in the evening in a tropical garden with swimming pool panoramic sea view, all in a friendly atmosphere.

What youth hostel "Saka'Do" offer?

saka do auberge de jeunesse nosy be

This hostel offers a friendly place in a house of about 120 m² with a garden and swimming pool with an exceptional view of the sea but also Nosy Sakatia & the almost island Baobab!

saka do auberge de jeunesse nosy be

Regarding the living areas, you feel at home quickly with the outdoor terrace overlooking the garden. Lounge, deckchair, ottoman, it’s up to you to choose your preference to enjoy the sunset!

auberge de jeunesse saka'do nosy be

Inside, a large living room that can accommodate 10-12 people with TV, WIFI, library and board games makes it a warm place with direct access to American cuisine that is accessible to all.

For a total of 10 beds, even full the atmosphere remains friendly. And if you want privacy, the different indoor / terrace & garden lounges allow you to enjoy the place as you wish.

Side Ambiance, Laurence, mistress of the place brings a discreet touch in a guest house atmosphere via his previous experiences in Nosy Be which is presented in its own way:

End of the year 2018 I will return the keys of Beluga, after 3 years and 1/2. Beautiful years, for beautiful meetings that will have me travel stories of their adventures. At the beginning of the Beluga adventure, I set up 2 backpacker rooms, and I was surprised and delighted by the success of this new concept at Nosy Be, which allowed quite a few young people on a budget, realize their tropical dream. Strong of this experience, I renew the adventure "backpacker" with the Saka'do, hostel and rooms with low price ...


How are the room ?

auberge de jeunesse saka'do nosy be

3 bedrooms are available:

  1. Single room, garden view room with 6 beds in the room, shared bathroom
  2. A double room with shared bathroom in the dormitory
  3. A double room garden view and pool with private bathroom

What are the service ?

auberge de jeunesse saka'do nosy be

The principle of a hostel is autonomy, but Laurence has held a guest house for several years so she offers to make you benefit from her experience of the island:

  • Diving center 5 km
  • Bicycle ride to Mont Passot,
  • Andilana beach (5km)
  • Equestrian center (3km),
  • Walk to Sakatia (10 min by taxi)
  • Exit at night: Possibility Ambatoloaka, otherwise other restaurants: at Nono Andilana or Table Alexandre (noon only), at loulou in Andilana on the beach

How is the restoration going?

auberge de jeunesse saka'do nosy be

Basically, you have free access to the kitchen in hostel mode, knowing that a grocery store is available on site, then you to cook.

This is the holiday, so if you do not want to cook, Laurence offers Malagasy dishes at 15 000 Ar the dish (3 € 5)

Knowing that the day I can only advise you to discover the island of Nosy Be and discover one of the good tables of the island!

What are the room rates?

auberge de jeunesse saka'do nosy be
  • Single room: 10 € / person / night
  • Double room: 20 € per room (2 people) / night
  • Double room garden view and pool: 25 € per room (2 pers) / night

Side supplement, you have the kitchen available, but if you prefer, some ideas of price:

  • 10,000 Ar for the full breakfast
  • 15 000 Ar the Malagasy dish

Where is the youth hostel ?

On the west coast of Nosy Be, 40 minutes by car from Ambatoloaka and 20 minutes from Andilana. Given the situation “far from everything”, moving may be a problem, but Laurence takes care and offers all the solutions:

  • Electric bikes are available for rent. You are 5 km from Andilana with its beach and restaurants.
  • Touk-Touk: 4,000 Ar to Hell-city
  • On request, rental of scooter / motorcycles / Quad / car possible with delivery to the hostel
  • A taxi ? Laurence lives Nosy Be for a long time so will advise you a nice taxi.

Contact & Rerservation

No website for this place, this is their official page and the contact form arrives directly at Laurence

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